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Cases that involve parents unfit to raise a child are emotionally charged, impacting the lives of innocent children victimized by neglect or abuse and other family members. The Washington lawyers at Nunn Vhan & Lang, PLLC., do not discount the personal issues and focus on dedicated advocacy in providing children stability through nonparental custody agreements or adoption.

Dedicated Snohomish County Nonparental Custody and Adoption Attorneys

Ideally, a child’s nurturing environment should come from a home with the biological parents taking care of children. Sadly, that ideal does not exist within some families. Children need protection. Loved ones stepping in to provide that nurturing environment need representation.

Children should be protected against detrimental environments caused by alcohol, drug dependency, physical abuse or neglect. Children deserve peace of mind when their parents are too young to care for them or absent after being jailed for a crime. We provide compassionate representation in third-party custody cases and adoptions.

At Nunn Vhan & Lang, PLLC., we represent family members and others who already play a role in the lives of children who are not receiving the care they need or deserve. The process of legal guardianship or adoption is neither simple nor automatic. Cases can be contested. While resolving issues through mediation or negotiation is preferred — especially for the children — we will take such an important legal matter to trial if that step is most likely to provide the best outcome.

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