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The end of a marriage/domestic partnership or legal separation is an emotionally charged time. Aside from the personal issues you are facing, legal matters need immediate attention. Since 1993, the attorneys at Nunn Vhan & Lang, PLLC., have provided personalized representation to Snohomish County and Greater Puget Sound residents with their families in mind. The legal team has also earned respect from legal peers and the courts for high standards of ethics and professionalism.

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Nunn Vhan & Lang, PLLC., is primarily a family law firm. Divorce is not something we dabble in as part of a larger general practice. We combine hands-on experience with thorough and contemporary legal knowledge. Our clients look to us for compassionate legal advocacy and protection of their rights in divorce proceedings, including related issues such as:

Experienced Everett Domestic Partnership and Military Divorce Attorneys

Dissolution of marriage or any type of formally recognized relationship is complex. When a registered domestic or same-sex partnership comes to an end, clients come to us to dissolve the agreement. They also need help in dividing property, pursuing parental rights and handling estate planning matters if needed.

Military divorces also present unique challenges in determining custody and attending to relocation matters for a spouse serving in one of our armed forces. Having a military significant other also has financial impacts on clients and their families. Our attorneys are experienced with military issues.

Personalized Legal Advocacy When You Need It Most

Nunn Vhan & Lang, PLLC., is a boutique law firm that prides itself on close client interaction through its client representation. We provide a legal team that will represent you throughout the entire process while looking out for the best interests of your children. That dedicated attorney and team will pursue the resolution you need through alternative dispute resolution techniques (collaborative law and mediation and arbitration) or courtroom litigation depending upon the needs and objectives of the client.

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For more information or to schedule an appointment with one of our Washington divorce and domestic partnership lawyers, please e-mail or call us at 425-341-4639 or toll free at 800-391-5909.

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