Professional Lawyer — Great Results And Personable

Gail is an excellent attorney whom I highly recommend to anyone I know that needs one. She is professional, extremely knowledgeable and showed true care and concern for me and my children. She puts me and my children first and clearly communicates the pros and cons of each decision I’ve had to make. She tells it like it is, no double speak. My divorce case is mostly complete, thanks to Gail driving the other party to respond to us so we could move forward. We have ongoing issues in our case and Gail continues to be a solid sounding board and takes action when it’s needed. My divorce has been long and messy (I guess they probably all are), and I’ve never once felt that she has taken advantage of the situation from a financial perspective. On the contrary, she has done everything she could to try and reduce the cost of this messy process and is very aware … and shows she cares … about my financial situation.
Through my work benefit plan I could have had an attorney on my plan handle my case with no out-of-pocket for me. However, after meeting with Gail, I instantly liked her attitude and her record speaks for itself. She is widely known and respected. I’ve dealt with mediators, a guardianship attorney, a guardian ad litem as well as a therapist for my children who all highly regard her. I was in a custody battle and dealing with someone who was trying to take advantage of the fact that I sponsored him into the country when we married. I needed to feel secure in my lawyer. I needed someone who cared and would do her best to resolve issues without taking it to court, but also someone who would fight when needed. She absolutely fit both needs and I have zero regrets in paying out-of-pocket for the representation I received.

— Angela (Five-star review)

I Got All That I Asked For And More

As a professional service provider myself it became obvious from the beginning and through my divorce process that the firm provided a higher level of service than most. Preparing for mediation I realized that I had a Cadillac for an attorney and a firm working for me compared to the Hyundai on the other side. In the end I got all that I asked for and more — I am so thankful for the day I met Jeanine Vhan and the rest of the staff at Nunn Vhan & Lang, PLLC.
Thank you for everything

— Kris (Five-star review)

Highly Recommended — Divorce Attorney

You hear so many different (mostly negative) stories about attorneys. Hiring an attorney was one more person I wasn’t sure I could trust.
When I first met with Gail I felt like I was talking to a person who truly understood that this was going to be very difficult for me in so many ways — she had compassion. I really got that she was concerned about me as a person and not how much money she could get out of me or how long she could drag this out. Gail genuinely had my best interest at heart. She was objective and always gave me options that were fair and reasonable. Not at any time did she try to push her agenda, but had me look at the pros and cons. Gail was a person I could trust and depend on while contending with one of the most difficult situations in my life. She was professional at all times, yet very personable.
I was treated with just as much respect by her friendly and professional staff. During the entire divorce there was always excellent communication (phone, letter and email). The billing process was clear and concise.
While no one ever wins in a divorce, I could honestly say, Gail represented me well. Gail’s knowledge and expertise in the law was completely reassuring. Should ever I need to obtain an attorney in the future, I would speed dial Gail in a heartbeat!

— Chris (Five-star review)

Excellent Attorney

I hired Gail to restructure my parenting plan after issues arose with my ex-husband and his time with his children. Gail took swift action to protect the children and worked hard at making the necessary changes that would continue to protect them — and allow them to continue their relationship with their father. She is excellent in court, and was successful at achieving the outcome desired. She is not only professional, but also takes a personal interest in those she is working with. Her caring attitude comes out in the passion she displays in the courtroom. I have recommended many people to Gail and will continue to do so.

— Divorce client

Excellent Family Law Attorney

Gail was my attorney for four years and helped me through divorce, mediation, and also trial. She was compassionate and knowledgeable in all family law concerns. I appreciated her support and advice as I learned how to manage an adversarial ex-spouse and her willingness to think outside the box when my case became incredibly challenging. You can count on Gail to work hard for you and your children.

— Deborah (Five-star review)

Will/Estate Planning

I am a single parent and never knew the importance of needing a will. After doing research I chose to use the Nunn Vhan & Lang, PLLC, and specifically Gail as my attorney. She was helpful and informative. I appreciate all her help!

— Mindy (Five-star review)

At Peace

I was terrified when I stepped into an attorney’s office — fearful of what I might encounter in retaliation from my spouse when I filed for legal separation. Gail is compassionate, supportive, honest and helped put me at ease. It was comforting to know she understood my position in trying to leave an abusive living situation. She continues to be completely professional, supportive and I’ve never felt like a commodity. I have significant confidence in her competence, credibility and care, despite how challenging this case has been and continues to be. She consistently asks me how I am doing and how my kids are doing. In a very vulnerable position, I feel cared for.

— At peace (Five-star review)


Gail made my divorce less stressful than I thought. She and her staff were there when I needed them to help.
Gail fought hard for me. She was so easy to talk to and explained legal jargon that I didn’t understand.
I recommend Gail for anyone looking for a great attorney who will fight for you.

— Varisha (Five-star review)

Continued Support

Gail Nunn has continued to be a valuable support for me even after I moved from the area. She has helped me navigate the court system and made sure I was on the right track. She has been an ally for my children and provided me with sound advice in order to advocate for them positively. It has been eight years since I hired her and I have appreciated her candor and quick communication when things come up with an antagonistic ex-spouse.

— Debbi (Five-star review)

Excellent Job

Jeanine is professional, calm and competent. She is pleasant but does not waste time. I would specifically recommend her as a dissolution attorney and would recommend the collaborative divorce process in general.

— A client

Expert, Aggressive, Compassionate

Andre Lang is hands down the most professional, competent, supportive attorney any client could ask for. I faced a complicated, emotional, and potentially high-profile divorce case with a public figure. Andre not only handled my case with expertise, he was also able to support my emotional needs and direct me to the resources I needed. I would recommend him and his staff over and over again!

— Valerie (Five-star review)

Andre Lang Is Who You Need For Representation!

Hands down I totally recommend Andre Lang for any legal issue you have!!

Four years after my divorce, having been represented by not the highest level of attorneys I found myself back in litigation with child custody and on the brink of parental alienation. I had lost hope in the legal system until I found Andre Lang. My husband who is a lieutenant in the Navy 25 years’ service to date going for 30 was blessed enough to find someone who would stand by us and fight for us. He cares for the best interest of my children and cares for my family like he is a part of it.
We have found ourselves living in a parenting plan that hardly allows us to be parents to our children and stepchildren. At every point since our engagement and marriage it seems that there is something that has come up to pull us down.
This is where Andre has come in. He is honest and has integrity yet is fighting for what is right tooth and nail in my case because of past bad legal advice I had received. He has put our minds at ease, this is not easy with our case. We thank him for that. We look forward to this coming to an end sometime and know that Andre is working to the highest quality and care to defend my rights to make sure that what has gone wrong will be fixed. Not easy, but he will never give up his promise that he made.

I highly recommend Andre Lang as you will find he is what you will need when it comes to a divorce custody battle or any other legal matter you need help with.

— A client (Five-star review)

Custody Mess And Separation Resolved Perfectly!!!!

I hired Andre last year. The process of divorce was all new to me and frankly made me very anxious. He strongly fought for each of the position that was important to the welfare of my children and me while maintaining a high level of professionalism throughout. He always pushed ahead on my behalf and argued the truth on every critical point. This allowed me to feel confident that everything would work out. He always answered each of my questions in timely manner. Finally, during the court hearings he showed his self-confidence and preparedness and clearly out-argued and outmaneuvered the opposing lawyers. I have been very satisfied with the quality, timeliness, aggressiveness, and cost-effectiveness of his representation. He gave me what he promised on the first day I hired him.

— Nina (Five-star review)

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