Guardianships And Elder Law

As our elderly population grows, so does the need for legal representation on their behalf. Oftentimes, they are targets for scams that take from them their hard-earned savings. If you have an elderly family member whose decision-making regarding finances and other important issues is impaired, take immediate action by calling Nunn Vhan & Lang, PLLC​.

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When your beloved elderly family member is unable to protect themselves from financial predators or others who inflict various forms of abuse, we take legal steps to protect him or her and his or her rights. At Nunn Vhan & Lang, PLLC, we have represented our fellow Washington residents suffering from dementia or other health problems that incapacitate them.

Legal mechanisms exist for those looking to protect an elderly family member. Filing for a guardianship provides the best protection against financial exploitation. In essence, the guardian acts in the incapacitated individual’s best interests to make key decisions related to estate administration and in some cases health decisions. While your loved one may not have the authority to control certain things he or she once controlled, all parties have peace of mind that he or she is not open to cons and scams and has someone who has his or her best interest in mind to make decisions.

In the end, the courts make the decision if a guardianship is necessary. The process is thorough to ensure the selected guardian will act in the best interests of the elderly individual at all times. Legal advocacy is paramount in those proceedings to build strong, compelling and fact-based arguments.

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