Providing For Your Child’s Financial Needs

As a parent, you are always working to give your child all the opportunities you can. For many families, child support agreements are one of the key ways to ensure their child is cared for. And a good child support agreement does this without risking either parent’s financial stability. At Nunn Vhan & Lang, PLLC, your child’s financial needs are in good hands.

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Getting An Accurate And Fair Child Support Arrangement

Washington determines child support through a state formula that accounts for parents’ incomes, child care expenses, health care and custody provisions. In many senses, the calculation itself is straightforward. But, for those who are self-employed, contractors or business owners, identifying an accurate income can be difficult.

Our attorneys can work with you to identify all applicable income and get an accurate and full financial picture. We draw on decades of experience and on a wide-ranging network, including area accounting and tax professionals, to make sure your child support agreement is the best possible. We also can help you if you need to reassess your child support and make sure that your child support modification goes through smoothly.

Are You Struggling With Child Support Enforcement?

If you are not receiving the child support to which you and your child are entitled, let us know. Our firm has an intimate knowledge of the law, and our lawyers can help you get the compensation you need.

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