Collaborative Law Prevents Further Legal Problems

Even emotionally charged and highly contested disputes can be resolved without going to court by using the collaborative law process. In collaborative law, it is possible for a separating couple to come together in making important decisions regarding their future and the future of their children. This keeps the outcome in the parties’ control instead of having someone in a black robe make decisions about the family.

Collaborative law provides an open, transparent and respectful dialog in a private setting to discuss issues and resolve arguments. It is an ideal way to resolve disputes without your personal business being documented in a court file, which is a public record. The collaborative process also works for modifications, prenuptial agreements and probate disputes.

At Nunn Vhan & Lang, PLLC, our lawyers help people in Everett and throughout Western Washington take control of their post-divorce future instead of putting important, life-lasting matters in the hands of a judge.

How Does Collaborative Law Work?

We understand that emotional matters exist in a marriage or domestic partnership ending in divorce or separation. The collaborative process employs a team of neutral professionals to help your family move forward and become two households. The team typically includes a divorce coach, a financial specialist and a child specialist depending upon the facts and needs of each case. This team along with your collaboratively trained lawyer assists you through the rough waters and hard decisions involved in your separation and divorce.

Ground rules are set before proceedings begin. Each side signs a participation agreement where they agree to proceed outside of court, in good faith, employing common courtesy and open-mindedness. Information will be freely and fully disclosed in a transparent manner. Complaints take the form of neutral requests and laying blame on the other spouse because of past behavior is discouraged. At all times, the future well-being of all parties and their children is the focus.

Successful completion will result in a private, legally binding agreement that serves the needs of the parties and the best interests of the children, done without court intervention.

Start Resolving Your Problems With Civility

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