Protect Yourself During Divorce And Separation

If you have not already done so, stop and take a minute to breathe. You are about to undergo a long, legal process. And, divorce and separation are stressful both in a personal and emotional sense as well as in a financial sense. Our firm is here and ready to help you get through this.

Unable to call us? Do not worry. You can begin your case with an email.

You may be asking yourself: Can you really help? Yes. More than 75 years of experience and our firm’s dedication to your care mean that our firm knows two important things.

We Know Your Next Steps

Unfortunately, legal separation and divorce are not just as simple as a signature on a page. In fact, it is more accurate to call divorce a series of legal steps. You have to consider all your needs and take a long view of the situation. We help you take your full needs into account. This includes:

We also can help you move forward if you are undergoing military divorce or are in a long-term committed intimate relationship.

We Know How To Help You Reduce Stress

We believe that putting you back in control is the best way to reduce stress. Knowing what to expect and having control over your future is our goal for you.

Since 1993, Nunn Vhan & Lang, PLLC, has helped families and individuals in Everett and throughout Western Washington through legal separation and divorce proceedings. We keep your future in mind and make sure you get fair treatment. To schedule an initial consultation, call 425-258-6860 or contact us online.