Paternity And Parentage

Protecting parental rights through the legal system is not exclusive to married couples going through the process of divorce. Unmarried parents needing support, custody or visitation require the help of experienced and compassionate legal counsel. The attorneys at Nunn Vhan & Lang, PLLC​, focus their efforts on asserting the rights of parents who are not married to one another.

Snohomish County Parentage Attorneys Helping Single Mothers And Fathers

Securing the services of a lawyer is paramount, regardless of the nature of a relationship resulting in a child being born. We pursue parentage actions within the Greater Puget Sound area and are dedicated to pursuing a satisfactory outcome for our clients while looking out for the best interests of their children.

Child support agreements negotiated between parents of a child born outside of marriage are not legally binding unless they are reduced to an order signed by the court. Any legal matter involving children mandates that the courts issue an order of child support. Child support is just that: support for the offspring of the unmarried parents. Any agreement made without court approval could be unenforceable in court and could result in a parent paying back child support.

Many cases involve the need for DNA testing to prove the parentage of a child when an alleged father disputes a biological link to a child. Conversely, fathers who claim paternity and want to spend time with their sons or daughters may need to undergo testing. Like child support agreements, residential schedules and/or parenting plans must be entered by the court to protect the parent and child from inconsistent schedules or the use of visitation as a reward or punishment.

Washington statutes also allow parents to come back for necessary modifications or possible relocation outside of Washington.

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