Protective Orders

Protective orders can serve multiple purposes and provide peace of mind from all types of abusive and inappropriate actions. Even if you cannot protect yourself from a physical assault, legal mechanisms exist to help shield you from future abuse by a spouse or partner. Instead of being a victim, a partner involved in a divorce or separation can take control and prevent his or her soon-to-be ex-partner from taking assets, canceling insurance or removing children from the state of Washington.

Compassionate And Caring Snohomish County Restraining Order Attorneys

If you are the victim of domestic violence, you have options to protect yourself and your children against an abusive spouse. Immediate actions can be taken in both civil and criminal courts. At Nunn Vhan & Lang, PLLC​ our lawyers focus their efforts on securing a protective order in the family law arena on your behalf. At the same time, we can also file for a petition for divorce, legal separation or dissolution of a domestic partnership.

A restraining order can also put a stop to the actions of a spouse or partner involving the finances from the marriage. Access to a joint account can result in a husband or wife transferring money into an account that only they can access. While health, vehicle and life insurance benefit both spouses, a spouse’s attempt to cancel those policies can be stopped by a protective order.

We will remain at your side during trying times made more challenging by violent or unethical actions of your significant other. We combine compassion with an individualized approach to your case and all legal matters we handle at our Washington law firm.

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