Creating A Spousal Support Agreement That Treats You Fairly

Unlike child support payments, which have a relatively clear guiding formula, spousal maintenance (also called alimony or spousal support) is not a cut-and-dry process. Instead, the courts have a lot of leeway to make what they believe is a fair arrangement for alimony. However, this puts many in a vulnerable position. Paying too much or not receiving enough in spousal support can lead to serious financial strife. We aim to help.

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What The Court Considers

Every judge is a little different, and everyone has unique circumstances. However, there are some general factors that the court will consider when evaluating your case. When determining a post-divorce spousal agreement, the court looks at:

  • The length of your marriage
  • How each spouse was employed during the marriage
  • Whether or not there are disabilities, health issues or other extenuating factors preventing current employment
  • Both spouses’ property division and current financial state
  • Any other relevant factors such as history of domestic violence or substance abuse

The courts always attempt to create as fair and reasonable a solution as possible. If you believe you need a change to your spousal support agreement, we can also help. Our attorneys can review your case and advocate for you.

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