Dividing Property And Assets After Your Relationship Ends

During your relationship, you and your partner worked hard to create financial stability. As a result, you have blended assets and property. Dividing those assets can create difficulty when a relationship ends. Below are some important things to know going forward about division of property after divorce.

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Community Property Is Subject To Division

Community property means that the property you and your spouse acquire during your marriage is going to be divided in a fair and equitable manner. Either you or your spouse may have separate property, which is property acquired prior to marriage, inherited or gifted, or obtained through a personal injury settlement. These assets are not typically subject to asset division. However, the court has jurisdiction over all property. Protect yourself when your marriage ends.

Property Valuation Is Key

For many people who own complicated assets, like investments, trusts, retirement accounts and businesses, the most difficult issue is establishing that asset’s worth. Our lawyers can help you get appropriate business and property evaluations, and can use forensic techniques to determine if assets are fully accounted for or are missing from your division.

A committed intimate relationship may be eligible for community property divisions. If you and your partner have lived together for an extended period of time without marrying, the court may still be able to provide you a solution. This will require you to be able to prove the nature of the relationship. Call us to discuss how to financially separate assets acquired during a committed intimate relationship.

Do Not Put Off Asking For Help

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