Sleep loss and child custody concerns

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Parents lose sleep for all sorts of reasons, whether their financial problems are becoming unmanageable after the loss of a job or they are dealing with stressors involving their children. Kids of all ages, from infants and toddlers to teenagers, may be facing a number of difficulties that cause parents to toss and turn at night. However, the divorce process, especially custody, can be extremely difficult for a parent. A parent may have concerns about their ability to secure custody or maintain their relationship with their children following the divorce. Sometimes, this can interfere with sleep, which can make a difficult situation even tougher.

If you are struggling with a sleep disorder due to custody matters, or you are simply having more difficulty falling or staying asleep at night, it is important to address these concerns right away. Parents who are facing hardships related to their sleep may have less energy to focus on important divorce issues and provide their kids with the attention and care that they need. If a parent is working through a hostile custody dispute, for example, being deprived of sleep may get in the way of their pursuit of a favorable outcome.

Some people may speak with their doctor when they are struggling with sleep issues, while others may be able to resolve these problems by building confidence and familiarizing themselves with the legal issues they are struggling with. On our website, you will find a lot of information related to custody disputes and other legal topics regarding custody, feel free to read more on these matters.

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