Mother fights to bring her daughter home from Italy

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Child custody proceedings can often become the most complex elements of divorce cases in Everett. Divorcing parents may often be at odds over their children’s best interests, leading to what can become bitter disputes that can last for months (or even years). During these times, parents may decide to relocate for various reasons. This introduces jurisdictional issues that can further serve to complicate matters, as court officials may be left to determine which area is the children’s rightful home (and which should therefore be able to issue custody rulings). 

If jurisdictional issues between different states can be complicated, one can only imagine how difficult they are to properly deal with when they cross international boundaries. An Ohio woman is currently fighting to bring her young daughter back home with her from Italy. The child was born in Italy when the woman was still with her husband (who is a native of Italy). Yet domestic violence issues between the two prompted her to return to the U.S. with her daughter when the little girl was only 8 weeks old. A subsequent court ruling, however, ordered that the child be returned to the father, determining that international laws mandated that Italy be viewed as the child’s home. The woman has since moved back to Italy to be near the girl while she continues to fight for custody. Her case is in preparation to be presented to the U.S. Supreme Court. 

Given the potential complexity of custody jurisdiction cases, one can see why such matters can linger. Their lack of knowledge of custodial law may hinder them during these proceedings. Thus, it may be in their best interests to secure the services of an experienced family law attorney. 

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