What do I need to do before divorce mediation?

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If you are ending a marriage or separating from a Committed Intimate Relationship in Washington, mediation may help to ease the stress of the process. Many people who choose this route also report that it costs them less money and speeds up the process. This approach tends to work well for divorces where both parties are in agreement or willing to come to an agreement.

According to USA Today, you cannot force anyone to attend mediation unless a judge makes this decision. This is just one of the many reasons, mediation is most effective for couples that are in general agreement about the way forward. Agreeing on the hired party acting as the mediator is also helpful.

Many people choose a lawyer to act as a mediator. One benefit of this is that if mediation does not work, you may have access to legal advice on how to proceed. Other divorcees-to-be may choose people who work only as mediators. These are also helpful, but be careful of people parading around with this title but who have no credentials or worthwhile experience. Remember to do your homework.

Try not to wait until the mediation process begins to prepare for the divorce. Ideally, you started to prepare as soon as you realized the marriage or CIR would not work out. Some things you should work on include your list of expectations, a master list of debts and assets and records of income.

Finally, choosing a venue that acts as neutral grounds is important. Holding the mediation in the home, surrounded by possessions obtained during the relationship is often not a good idea. Good mediators have a private venue at the ready for your use.

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