When can child support payments be modified?

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When Washington parents divorce, the court decides on a child support payment amount. But courts understand that life is always changing. The circumstances at the time of your divorce may not always be true. Because of that, parents can sometimes request child support payment modifications.

The Balance takes a look at reasons to request child support payment modifications. They all have to do with changes in one or both parent’s financial situations. For example, the supporting parent may suffer a decrease in income. An employer may have fired or demoted them. The parent company may revoke bonuses in times of recession. They may marry into a new family and become the primary provider. The parent receiving support may marry into a new family. Through this, they gain financial stability. In either case, the supporting parent can submit a request to have their payments lowered.

The parent receiving support may request increases as well. For example, children tend to cost more money as they grow older. The payment amount received when a child was younger may not cover their expenses as they age. Parents may request an adjustment to cover this difference. They may also request an increase if the supporting parent comes into more money, or if they lose money.

You will have to take any arguments to court. The judge will determine if there is a good reason to change established payments. They will also have the last say in the final adjustment amount. They take all reported information into consideration before making this decision. As always, the best interest of the child will come first.

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