Are you seeing signs of parental alienation?

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Dealing with a malicious co-parent can put you on your guard. Unfortunately, this often ends up being in your best interest. After all, malicious co-parents often wish to harm you in any way they can. To reach that end, they may even harm your child.

This often happens in cases of parental alienation. You need to act quickly if you notice it happening. First, you must understand how parental alienation manifests in your child.

Behavioral and personality changes

Psychiatric Times discusses the appearance of parental alienation symptoms. In most children, you will notice a manifestation of these symptoms relatively early on. First, they may exhibit some aversion to spending time with you. As time passes, this aversion may grow stronger or more vitriolic.

You may also see behavioral and personality changes in your child. In addition to reluctance toward spending time with you, they may treat you in a resentful fashion. They could seem cranky, grumpy or easily agitated. They may display signs of anxiety or depression. Oppositional defiance also occurs.

Possession of unexplained personal information

Many children who suffer from parental alienation refuse to implicate the parent responsible. At the same time, they often cannot elaborate or answer questions when you ask why they suddenly dislike spending time with you.

They may also parrot information they could have only obtained from your co-parent. In some cases, the alienating parent will outright lie to your child to turn them against you. Thus, you may hear them make completely false claims while believing it fully.

If you notice these signs, chances are high your co-parent has made attempts to alienate you from your child. Consider contacting a legal expert who can help you review your options.

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