How should you prepare for mediation?

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Mediation may shorten the time you have to spend waiting for a divorce settlement. An effective mediation may also lessen the emotional trauma of parting ways with your spouse.

Knowing how to prepare for your mediation may improve the chances of a satisfactory outcome. With a bit of forethought, you can feel confident and calm as you prepare to enter negotiations.

Understand the conditions

While you can go into mediation with your own set of rules, this approach may cost you the desired outcome. By law, both parties must honor specific behavioral requirements. You will also have a requirement to comply with the instructions of the mediation. Breaching the agreement could disrupt the legal process, slow your settlement and potentially result in consequences for you.

Once you agree to the conditions, practice mindfulness in following the rules. Use respectful and tactful language. Show professionalism and civility even if you have strong feelings on certain topics. Maintaining your integrity throughout the process can help you preserve your reputation.

Prepare a strategy

Entering mediation with a strategy can help you streamline your focus. Rather than randomly jumping from topic to topic and rambling about your situation, you can feel prepared with concise requests. According to the American Bar Association, experts recommend that you keep an open mind as you listen to your spouse’s requests.

It is not uncommon to feel unsure going into mediation. However, a successful outcome can help you get past your divorce and move on. Working with your attorney, you can receive guidance as you prepare for this critical part of the divorce process.

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