How can you keep an amicable relationship with your ex-spouse?

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When a relationship ends, it does not have to be the end of you and your ex-partner as friends. Relationships can transform, but only if you and your ex want it to happen. In some divorces, partners may not have a salvageable relationship. Sometimes it is better to cut ties.

There are a lot of reasons why you may want to remain friends. It becomes easier to co-parent if you share children when you like the person you co-parent with. Many married couples share mutual friends or grow close to one another’s family members. According to Medium, sometimes you can become friends again.

Set up boundaries immediately

Do not try to transition into a friendship automatically. When you have few boundaries, it is easy to send mixed signals or to feel like you cannot let go of the relationship. You need to ground yourself and if that means not having your ex in your life regularly, you need to take action to do that. Give yourself time to process the end of your relationship.

Only choose appropriate places to meet when you do. You may want to avoid bars or parties where you may drink or where old feelings may spark again. Go somewhere neutral and avoid places that the two of you share too many memories of.

Strengthen your friendship slowly

It takes time to find yourself again after a divorce. Do not rush into maintaining a friendship with your ex. Instead, try to spend time by yourself and let yourself go through the various feelings common with a breakup. If you have children between you, speak amicably and professionally regarding parenting matters.

To strengthen your friendship, you have to be ready to cut ties with the romantic relationship finally.

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