How can courts enforce child support?

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Child support negotiations can be one of the most contentious aspects of getting a divorce. Many factors go into how much a parent will pay for child support, including the income that each parent receives and the number of minor children there are living in the home. However, it is an unfortunate reality that some parents run into trouble when trying to make child support payments after a divorce.

How can courts enforce child support agreements in Washington state?

By withholding income

A parent who misses several child support payments can be subject to wage garnishment. The employer may receive these notices, which can serve as a great source of embarrassment to the employee in question. If the employee is comfortable doing so, it could be a good idea for the employee to discuss with their manager if they believe that income withholding might occur.

By involving credit agencies

Just like nonpayment on credit card debt lowers someone’s credit score, child support status may impact this important number as well. A low credit score can impede a person’s ability to take out a loan or negotiate lower interest rates when making a large purchase.

By revoking certain licenses

A more unexpected consequence of not paying child support is having items such as fishing, hunting, or even a business license revoked. People who have these licenses should be aware of this potential consequence.

The more that parents know about child support enforcement, the better they can advocate for themselves and their children.

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