How can mediation make divorce less adversarial?

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Many people have horror stories about going through a divorce. With the end of your own marriage looming, you might fear that your divorce will be stressful and acrimonious. Having someone mediate your divorce may help you avoid a bad outcome.

Mediation is a possible benefit for a number of reasons. For one thing, mediation tends to be less expensive than going to court. As Psychology Today explains, mediation can also reduce incentives for spouses to become adversarial when working through disputes.

You work with your spouse

A courtroom setting divides two spouses from each other both physically and psychologically. If you cannot agree on a point in your divorce, you will likely leave it up to a judge to decide the issue.

By contrast, you and your spouse work out issues in mediation with the help of a mediator and other professionals. With an environment that encourages mutual problem-solving, you are less likely to view your spouse as an adversary.

You ask yourself different questions

In a courtroom setting, you will probably think about how you want to win. Some divorces become so heated that the spouses just want to win to spite the other. Conversely, mediated divorce encourages you to think of how you can arrive at the best possible solution for you and your spouse.

This is especially important if you have children. You probably want to minimize the harmful effects of your divorce on your loved ones. A mediated setting allows you and your spouse to resolve disputes together, which can set a good example.

Your divorce is more private

Keep in mind that mediation provides you with more privacy. This could put you at ease since you do not feel you will lose in the court of public opinion. Even if certain issues embarrass you, working them out in a private setting could reduce emotional wounds and help you feel more optimistic about your life ahead.

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