Can grandparents get child support?

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For many reasons, a grandparent may have to step in and take over raising grandchildren. When this happens, it is not entirely on the grandparents to handle all aspects of care for the children.

Washington law allows grandparents to seek child support from both parents depending on the circumstances.

Custody and rights

You should have custody of the children to seek any support. The parents also should retain their rights to be able to seek child support from them. You can ask for support from both the mother and father. You also can go through the system to establish paternity if needed to secure support orders.

Assistance outside support

You can also get help through the state. If you get money from the state program, your child support will help pay that back. You would get anything over the repayment amount. Generally, the state will pursue child support if you are getting any benefits through social programs for the children.

Get a court order

You should aim to get a court order that makes the parents legally obligated to pay child support. Once you have a court order, it will be much easier to secure other help and assistance.

You may worry about asking for child support, but it is the parent’s obligation to pay for the care of their children even if they are not the ones providing general care for them. You have the right to ask for these payments, and you should do so since it will benefit the children.

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