Unpaid child support and your Washington license

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If you have difficulty paying child support on time because you lost your job or face financial hardships for a different reason, it is crucial to understand the potential penalties that could come up. On top of losing your tax refund, passport and even your freedom, you could face the suspension of your driver’s license.

Without a license, life could become complicated. Getting to and from work and taking care of other responsibilities could become very challenging, and you might have to miss out on important events and activities.

An overview of back child support and license suspension

The Washington State Department of Licensing discusses how missing child support payments can impact your license. According to the Department, they could suspend your driver’s license after receiving notification that you have failed to pay child support on time. If this occurs, you need to return your Washington license to the state and cannot operate a motor vehicle (even if you have a license from another state).

Addressing unpaid child support and license reinstatement

The state will inform you of a suspension by sending you a letter that also goes over the steps you need to take to have your license reinstated. After complying with your child support order, the state releases your suspension and you can pursue a new driver’s license. You will also have to pay a reissue fee.

Paying child support can become challenging, which highlights the importance of understanding the options in front of you to stay current and protect your ability to drive.

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