When children pick favorites during a divorce

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From a child’s perspective, divorce can be a stressful time and there may be a number of questions they have. Divorce can also be very hard for parents, who may have many questions of their own. Sometimes, a child may decide to pick a favorite parent during the divorce process, whether they prefer their mother or would rather be with their father. A child’s preferences can impact many different aspects of a divorce, from custody decisions to a parent’s relationship with his or her kids during and after the divorce. If you are going through a tough divorce, you should try to look at this issue from your child’s perspective—even if they seem to be favoring your ex in certain ways.

There are many reasons why children may pick favorites during their parents’ divorce. Some may have a stronger bond with a parent who spent more time raising them, or they may even prefer one parent over the other as a result of domestic violence. Perhaps one parent seems “cooler” or has the ability to spend more money on spoiling their child. However, they may not be the most suitable candidate with respect to custody, and parents who are concerned about this should bring the issue up in court.

When parents work together during their divorce, they may be able to reduce favoritism and other potentially problematic aspects of the divorce process. We understand how emotionally devastating it can be to get a divorce as a parent and we would like to invite you to browse through our website for more information.

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