Ways to help children adjust to living in two homes

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When families in Washington are going through a divorce, emotions often run high and tension and fighting are common. Whether the divorce is amicable or tense, if there are children involved, there are important aspects that parents must remember. One is that they will go from living with both parents in one home to living in two homes and not seeing both parents every day. This can be an incredibly difficult adjustment for them to make, but parents can make it a little easier when they work together to help their kids.

FamilyLife encourages parents to provide everything the child needs in both homes. They should not have to take bedding, dishes or other possessions back and forth when they leave. There may be special items that have to go with the child, but they should have the necessities at each house. At the same time, it may help the kids to have one special item that goes with them to both houses, so they feel comfortable and familiar wherever they are.

Parents Magazine also suggests that parents allow their kids to have a say in big decisions that affect them. It can be something simple like the color of their bathroom or the paint on the walls. They may enjoy just picking out new bedding or dishes for the house. When they can help furnish and design the new house, they take ownership in it and feel comfortable there.

Finally, it is helpful if there is a visual calendar in each home so kids know where they will be and when. Each parent should highlight their days and any special events, so the kids know what to expect. This helps lessen the anxiety kids feel when they must adjust to changes quickly.

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