How can I help my kids adjust to different summer visitation schedules?

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Before you know it, the weather will warm up and the kids will be out of school for summer break. The three-month span of vacation often means changes to the regular parenting time schedule that you and their other parent follow the rest of the year. Typically, this means at least one long visit with the other parent.

Depending on the ages of your children, this change in the schedule could be difficult for them to handle. Some children may feel a little homesick and miss the parent they are used to spending the most time with. Others will have difficulties adjusting to the new household and its rules. In any case, Modern Parenting Solutions suggests that you prepare them for the extended visit.

Work with the other parent

You should work with the other parent to discuss any concerns you have about the children. It is helpful if you both share the same house rules and are on the same page when it comes to punishment.

It is also helpful if you can share a daily routine. This can make the kids feel comfortable in the other parent’s home. Many children thrive with a routine, so disrupting it can throw them off and create issues.

Make expectations clear

Even if you and your former spouse cannot completely agree to the same rules and routines, you still need to present a unified front to the children. Make sure your children understand that things may be different at the other parent’s house but that is okay. Ensure that slight changes are going to happen.

Make it clear that you expect them to behave for their other parent and you will not override decisions that parent makes during their time together. Talk with them about the differences between the two houses and what to expect.

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