Child custody arrangements during current health crisis

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Parents want to see their kids, especially divorced parents who, in many cases, do not see them every day. For some parents, child custody agreements are reminders of how they miss out on certain aspects of their children’s lives. And, now, child custody agreements are gaining more attention due to the current global health crisis.

Joint custody agreements prove to be even more challenging during these uncertain times. The challenges faced include how to safely pick up your children or dealing with a former spouse who takes your children to large gatherings where social distancing is not a priority. As if dealing with an ex-spouse already was not difficult.

Seek consensus, rely on technology

The message that both parents must remember and understand is that the two of you want your children to be safe and in good health. That is why in this current health climate you need to be reasonable and come to modified agreements in co-parenting situations. Here are some pointers:

  • Communication remains essential. Discussing the situation will help you come to a consensus on any temporary and agreed-upon changes in the child custody arrangement. And always abide by court orders and do not deny your other spouse from having parenting time.
  • Do not spit out accusations about the other parent not abiding by social distancing mores or having come down with health problems. Essential workers often face this challenge.
  • Maintain solid judgment. If a parent tests positive for the illness, the children should not stay with him or her.
  • Turn to technology for virtual visits. Maintain communication through FaceTime, Zoom, Skype, Facebook Messenger and Google Duo.
  • Use common sense when making child exchanges. Do so in locations where there are few people and wide-open spaces. Retail, high school and college parking lots and even cemeteries are potential candidates. Curbside pick-up at the other parent’s home also is an option.

Not only do you have concerns about the current health crisis, your children do, too. Allay their fears as best as you can and help them understand what is happening. And, at the same time, do your best to ensure safe child custody arrangements.

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