Navigating the holidays after a divorce

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Raising kids together after a divorce can bring about many challenges all year long. When the holiday season approaches, however, a new level of stress may be felt by parents and even by kids.

Fortunately, there are steps moms and dads can take to help their children and themselves navigate this time of year with grace.

Letting go of yesterday

Psychology Today recommends that separated or newly divorced parents make a conscious choice not to hold on to the pains they experienced during their marriage or divorce but to instead look ahead and what they can create for themselves and their children today and in the future.

Practicing self care

Even during the best of times, taking care of oneself goes a long way toward enjoying life. Moms and dads that do this for themselves also set a great example for their children.

Creating new traditions

Thrive Global suggests that divorced parents collaborate with each other and with their children to develop new traditions that do not have associations with their former lives that may end up only highlighting what has been lost, leading to more sadness than joy.

Planning ahead with flexibility

Before the week of a holiday arrives, coparents should touch base with each other to discuss plans for their joint children. This can help everyone avoid over-scheduling that contributes to exhaustion and frustration. This time of year requires divorced parents to be flexible with schedules, especially if family members from out of town are coming to visit. Helping kids maintain positive extended family relationships can be good for their development.

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