What are some signs mediation could benefit you?

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Planning for a divorce can be stressful if you are unsure what separation method works best for your needs and personality. Mediation is one way to focus on a smoother transition into your new life that emphasizes communication between you and your ex-spouse.

Feeling comfortable

According to FindLaw, many divorcing couples do not wish to spend excess time fighting in court. Commonly discussed topics in divorce proceedings, such as alimony or child support, often cause stress for both parties.

Since mediation does not take place in a court room, the communication-based environment could leave you feeling more comfortable discussing any tough issues.

Valuing communication

One way to test if this method is right for you is to ask yourself if you feel confident debating issues with your ex-spouse directly. If you are still hesitant to speak to your ex-spouse or would rather deal with any problems through a less direct channel, mediation may not help. However, if you do wish to speak directly to him or her, the presence of a third party mediator can ensure you both stay on topic and communicate successfully.

Seeking unique benefits

When taking into account legal fees and other costs, mediation is often less expensive than other types of divorce proceedings. Mediation is also usually more flexible and faster than other traditional methods, and it allows for a more personal dialogue between you and your ex-spouse.

This method can also help couples with children feel less overwhelmed by change. A mediator will help take you step by step through the process and will make sure to find a solution for any custody or childcare questions that you have.

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