How should you handle child custody during the holidays?

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While you made it through the last holidays of 2020, did your current child custody plan endure the changes to your usual schedule and routines? If not, work with the other parent to prepare your child custody schedule for the next major holiday.

To help, see what Our Family Wizard advises for coordinating child custody during the holidays. Make life easier on yourself, the other parent and your shared children with proper preparation.

Define holidays that mean something to you

You and your former spouse may have different ideas regarding the importance of specific holidays. For instance, you may view Martin Luther King Jr. Day differently from the other parent. You and your ex should flip through a calendar to decide which holidays may alter your child custody plan. For holidays that hold equal importance to you, splitting custody of your child for the day may work out most favorably.

Draft a plan of action

After identifying holidays that require a change to your custody plan, decide how you want to handle pickups and drop-offs for your shared child. For major holidays, you may want to rotate custody each year. Dividing holidays where one parent has the child during the day and the other has custody during the evening and night may work better. No matter what you decide, note your mutual decision in writing, to lessen miscommunication and misunderstandings.

Prepare early

As a holiday approaches, get a plan of action in place for yourself and your child. Go over the holiday schedule with your child and the other parent to prepare. For holidays without your child, decide how you want to spend your time.

Do not wait until the last minute to plan for the inevitable. Give yourself plenty of time to make warm memories with your child.

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