Your child wants to live with the other parent. What now?

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So far, you feel that you handle your child custody arrangement with grace and dignity. Your daughter recently expressed an interest in living with the other parent. How should you handle this?

Our Family Wizard offers guidance that may help you. Understand how to cope with this revelation with sensitivity and understanding.

Have a conversation with the other parent

Talking about the matter with your former partner may reveal why your child wants to switch homes. Allowing your daughter a few more days with the other parent may remedy the situation, or giving the child and the other parent more time for special activities or outings may help strike a proper balance.

Consider differences in lifestyle

Do you and your ex-spouse have different rules and lifestyles when raising your shared child? Your daughter may desire more of the freedom, structure, home life or communication style she enjoys with the other parent. Rather than do away with your expectations and regulations in your household to appease your child, consider adjustments and tweaks that make your home more welcoming and supportive of your daughter’s development and well-being.

Shift your POV

Think about everything that your daughter experienced during the divorce and afterward. Ask your child to open up to you about how she feels about the major life shift and why she feels living with your former partner offers a solution to whatever issues your daughter experiences.

Keep your emotions in check

You may feel shocked, anxious, worried or angry that your daughter wants to change households. It is OK to feel however you feel, but you must not let your emotions lead you to say or do the wrong thing in front of your child.

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