How can mediation reduce stress during a divorce?

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While finalizing your divorce, you may start to feel the pressure and strain from this process weigh on you.

Mediation can be a great way to reduce stress for those seeking a calmer path to divorce, since it prioritizes cooperation in several ways.

Focus on communication

According to Psychology Today, mediation works the best when you and your ex-spouse speak clearly and honestly about any issues you may have with one another. This form of divorce focuses on finding solutions that fit both of your needs and wants, rather than pitting you against each other.

Doing your best to articulate your thoughts on important topics, like child care and asset division, while maintaining a relaxed attitude can help you make the most of mediation.

Emphasis on confidentiality

During this process, officials keep all the information you discuss private from people other than the neutral third party, including any public records. In more traditional divorce settings, clients often worry about other people reading their personal documents.

This confidentiality may help you both to feel more at ease with discussing complicated topics or issues you have.

Control of the situation

Mediation relies on both parties working together throughout the divorce process. While there is a third party present, you and your ex-spouse control what issues get discussed or what options are available.

This low conflict setting allows you both to be flexible about what methods or final decisions you come to. This can be especially helpful if you both have children, or any other unique circumstances that mean you need extra discussion. Mediation can greatly reduce the typical amount of stress during the divorce process.

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