Prioritizing the well-being of your children during divorce

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Divorce can consume your every thought as you work toward negotiating a settlement and rebuilding your future. Continuing to raise your children despite this dynamic change will require perspective and sacrifice.

Even though the challenge of showing up for your kids when you lack emotional bandwidth may seem impossible at times, they need you. Knowing some of the strategies to effectively prioritize the well-being of your children can help you facilitate their growth despite the circumstances.

Understanding best interests

The needs and best interests of your children may look different for each one depending on factors such as maturity and age. The type of relationship they have with you and your former spouse may also dictate their needs as you make transitions to your home life. According to the Washington State Legislature, when assessing the best interests of your children, the courts will look at factors related to the emotional health of your children, their physical health and development and the availability of stable and safe home life.

Creating a parenting game plan

Divorce may impact your parenting routine. Developing a new, consistent routine as soon as possible can give your children stability and help everyone transition easier. A couple of ways that you can effectively prioritize your children’s needs include the following:

  • Put differences aside and refrain from speaking negatively about your ex in front of your children
  • Collaborate with your ex to identify a decision-making process regarding your children’s needs
  • Learn about single parenting and draw upon resources to help you succeed in your new role

When you continue to recognize the importance of parenting even after your divorce, you can effectively facilitate the growth of your children.

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