Child support after losing a job

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Washington courts typically use a parent’s salary to establish a child support order. If people lose their job, they may have difficulty making these payments.

Many people may think that they can stop paying child support if they lose their job. According to the Washington State Department of Social and Health Services, people still need to make child support payments when they are between jobs. If people do not provide these payments, they are usually in arrears and need to make up these missed payments. The Division of Child Support generally continues to collect child support and may take these payments from unemployment benefits.

What should people do if they cannot pay child support?

People should speak to their Support Enforcement Officer if they cannot afford their child support payments. This official can provide information about the steps that people should take. People can also ask a conference board to review their situation and discuss possible methods of relief.

Once people find a new job, they should speak to their support officer. If they cannot afford child support on their new income, people may need to request a modification.

What happens if people stop making payments?

If people do not pay their child support, they may experience consequences. The Washington State Department of Social and Health Services says that DCS may sometimes work with a collection agency to receive missed child support payments. The organization may also place a lien on some of a person’s property. Additionally, parents may risk losing the professional licenses that they need to find a new job.

People may want to speak to their child support officer as soon as they experience a change in their circumstances. This allows them to learn about the options available to them as soon as possible.

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