How do you make the most of mediation?

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You and your current partner want to use mediation for your divorce. Working together may save you time and money, but how do you make the most of the option?

American Bar Association offers insights into gaining the upper hand in mediation. Learn how to set yourself up for success in your post-divorce life.

Focus on mutual gain

While you want to protect your interests in mediation, do not forget about the spirit of cooperation. Think of as many options as possible to bring to the negotiating table. The more choices your current spouse has, the better the chances of you both feeling satisfied.

Divide the issue from the person

Depending on your divorce’s circumstances, you may have unresolved feelings surrounding your soon-to-be-former partner. Try to look at the problem and your current spouse as two separate things. Focus on the problem and solution during mediation sessions. That way, you do not waste time tossing accusations back and forth.

Remain objective

For the property division phase of your divorce, let professionals handle the numbers rather than determine values yourself. For instance, hire a professional appraiser and home inspector to calculate your marital home’s current value. Even if you know your property’s actual worth, let an expert share those numbers. This reduces the chances of you and your current spouse arguing.

Focus on what you need

While you may want specific assets, ask yourself what you need. Creating the most favorable alternative to a negotiated agreement helps to keep you grounded.

Mediation may bring you more joy than traditional divorce. Hopefully, you better understand how to create an effective mediation strategy.

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