Will “nesting” work for us?

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There is no one right way to deal with a divorce. Particularly if you are divorcing with children involved, sometimes creative solutions are necessary.

One such solution that some divorcing couples employ is “nesting.” According to NBC News, nesting involves one parent being in the family home and rotating with the other, while the children live in the home full-time.

How is nesting beneficial?

Especially at the beginning of a divorce, you may not have concrete future plans yet. Nesting is a good way to get the space you likely need from your ex while providing your children with maximum stability. This will allow you and your ex to plan appropriately and reduce the stress your children face as much as possible.

Nesting allows the children to stay in the same home, attend the same school and stay with the same social group. It can help promote happy and healthy children, even if the divorce is difficult.

What are the drawbacks of nesting?

For most families, nesting is a temporary solution. It is likely that both you and your spouse will want to establish separate households, and maintaining the family home for too long may prove cost-prohibitive. Additionally, nesting for too long may raise your children’s hopes that you and your former partner will reconcile.

You also must be on good terms with your ex for nesting to work, as it is a very cooperative process. You will need to continue to pay bills, buy food and run the family home. If you and your ex are argumentative, nesting is likely not an option.

For many families, nesting is a good way to get the time necessary to plan your next steps.

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