Mediation can help you resolve these sensitive divorce issues

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The mention of divorce is likely to dredge up many sensitive matters, but there is not always a need for contention when resolving divorce issues. Couples who mutually wish for an amicable outcome in their divorce can choose to settle things through mediation.

Mediators ensure impartiality during divorce negotiations and help couples draft separation agreements that courts must uphold. If you and your soon-to-be ex-spouse are on the fence regarding the use of mediation as a dispute resolution method, consider how out-of-court negotiations can help you reach a compromise on some key divorce issues.

Property division

Washington law defines community property as any property acquired after marriage. While a divorce court might split community property down the middle without bias, mediation provides the chance for you and your spouse to negotiate a different arrangement that better suits your situation.

Spousal support

Spousal support refers to financial assistance that one party must render to the other after a divorce. This can become a sore spot when the court imposes a spousal support order, but mediation allows for the chance to compromise on an arrangement that doesn’t break the bank for either side.

Child custody

It goes without saying that child custody is perhaps the most important matter to determine in divorces between parents. Maintaining an amicable relationship is crucial in a co-parenting dynamic, so it is important to attempt fair mediation for matters such as parenting plans and visitation schedules.

Divorce marks the end of married life together, but it rarely means that you never have to see your ex-spouse again. Post-divorce life often goes more smoothly after reaching a conclusion that does not involve heated conflict.

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