Appealing a child custody order

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Child custody matters are often filled with emotion. Each parent usually wants what is best for their children, but personal feelings also get in the way.

When there is a battle for custody, the court has to make the decisions. That does not always result in the decision that you feel is right. If that happens, you can appeal the ruling.

A normal court process

You have the ability to appeal the case just as you would any other legal matter. You will have to build a case and provide evidence for why you should get the chance to appeal. You will need to show that the original ruling is somehow problematic in a legal sense. For example, if you could show the judge failed to follow the law when assigning custody to the other parent, you may have an appeal case.

You cannot appeal because you are unhappy with the results unless there is a legal reason behind it. The process is rather involved and can be lengthy, so be ready for this if you decide to go this route.

Current orders stay in place

While you appeal, the current orders from the original court will typically stay in place. You must abide by them, or you could face further legal issues. The only time the orders will not apply is if the court issues a temporary emergency order.

An appeal for a child custody matter is not always the right option. You need to understand how appeals work and have a solid legal reason for the request.

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