Co-parenting when your ex does not care

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Co-parenting can have its challenges, especially when your ex does not honor the agreement. You might find yourself feeling as though you carry most of the parenting responsibilities with little to no support from the other half.

While you care about your children, you will need reliable support to meet other obligations in your life. Knowing some strategies for dealing with an absent ex might give you the tools you need to take a stand.

Try issuing a reminder

While it might be easy to think the worst, perhaps your ex feels overwhelmed or has experienced a significant life change that now interferes with the original custody arrangement. Before you take any major action, try having a good, old-fashioned conversation. Express your concern and see if your ex starts making more effort to observe the agreement.

Petition the court for a modification

If ignorant behavior continues after you have tried communicating your frustration, you might need to petition the court for a modification. Your children need stability and according to the Cleveland Clinic, divorce often has a traumatic effect on children which requires consistency to overcome. You can express your concerns about the well-being of your children, which could make a difference in the final decision.

Keep upholding the agreement

Despite the course of action, you choose to take, continue upholding the agreement in the meantime. Your resolve to comply will improve your reputation in the courtroom. Your diligence and professionalism can make a considerable difference in your ability to acquire a modification if it reaches a point where you can no longer rely on your ex to provide support.

Child custody does not have to be a negative experience. Your resolve to comply with the custody agreement can provide stability and reassurance to your children.

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