Dealing with parenting plan violations

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If you have a parenting plan and your child’s other parent refuses to respect the terms of the agreement, you need to immediately go over your options. Whether a parenting plan was set up when you ended your marriage or you or your child’s other parent filed a parenting plan even though you were never married, it is pivotal to protect your rights as well as your relationship with your child.

Unfortunately, some parents fail to respect the rights of their child’s other parent in accordance with the terms of parenting plans, and they should be held answerable.

What is a parenting plan?

Whether you currently have a parenting plan in place or you want to set up a parenting plan, it is important to understand what these agreements cover. According to information published by the Office of the Governor, parenting plans are court orders that detail how each party parents their child. If parents cannot agree on certain terms, judges make decisions.

Parenting plans cover topics that parents deem important with respect to a child’s upbringing. For example, a parenting plan outlines the way in which each parent splits time with the child and where the child lives.

How can you address a parenting plan violation?

If the other parent of your child violates your rights under a parenting plan, you have options. You can reach out to a Family Law Court Facilitator or take legal action in order to have your child’s other parent held in contempt of court. Sometimes, mediation helps couples resolve these issues, but heading to court is often necessary.

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